Sunday, October 12, 2014

I learned plenty in the Friday gubernatorial debate

And they say only the optics and occasional gaffes are interesting. Wrong!

I actually learned a few things.

*  For example, I didn't know until Walker explained it that a $7.25-an-hour minimum wage was a living wage. That's about $15K a year. But I forgot until Walker reminded us that he'd worked at McDonald's about 30 years ago and knew all about minimum wages.

See what I mean? You get a lot of good information in debates.

*  I also learned that all that social shaming and politicking and legislating to mandate ultrasound probes and de-fund Planned Parenthood and make women travel long distances taking time off from their living wage jobs was to provide them information about their biology - - not to obstruct their rights to health care services or to make their own decisions or render legal abortions difficult-to-near-impossible.

*  I also learned that Wisconsin doesn't have a jobs problem.

What a relief.

I thought since we're 32nd nationally among the states in job growth and Walker is 150,000 jobs short of the 250,000 he said was the minimum he'd promised to create in one term that there's a jobs problem here, but I was wrong about that and stand corrected, again.

It was just like my misunderstanding about getting by on $7.25-per-hour.

And imagine - - if you have two of those jobs in our no-jobs-problem state - - assuming you don't have one of those work problems - - wink, wink - - you'd be living large.

No need for you and the family to be ordering of the dollar menu, big spender.  You and the kids can get one those sandwiches tonight with a price that begins with $3.

Man, oh man - - was I about to be a low-information voter on November 4th.

Like Walker said - - and, come to think of it, same for J. B. Van Hollen, too, when it comes to voter ID - - he's just there to make sure you get all the good and helpful information you need.


Anonymous said...

What amazes me is that he's been at the controls for 4 years and he says there are all kinds of jobs out there for people but either they or their skills don't match the jobs. What on earth has his Dept. of Work Force Development and WEDC been doing then if people don't have the skills. Also all those welding jobs he promotes..... I think for each welding job there are 8 trained workers for each opening. Those welding jobs because of the abundance and over supply of welders pay about $8 an hour. So once again the GUVANATOR pumps sand up the public's behind!

nonquixote said...

Yes James, WI can be proud to be so extremely well informed by a college dropout (when a minimum wage job could pay for most of your college education) at the state helm. (borrowing a phrase) One heck of a job there Scooter.

Anonymous said...

He has been saying the same things over and over since 1993. No wonder his delivery seems robotic and automatic. No wonder we are so tired of his worn out and disproven solutions to Wisconsin's problems. No wonder he has to carefully cherry pick statistics and rankings and examples to make his agenda look successful. Government should be concerned with feeding the hungry and housing the homeless. He has not offered any solutions for doing that and has in fact cut the earned income tax credit and refused medicaid. Why would anyone vote for this mean-spirited and detached person?

Anonymous said...

I learned that he doesn't talk to his own attorney general. I would like to see this fact hammered all the way.

Margie said...

What do you want? If a citizen needs education or training to get jobs,he needs to say so and ask for help. Do you really expect less? Tell me 25 people who need a job & training without them speaking up. Really? How rediculous!

sue said...

Margie, when you ask for help that makes you a taker.
And you need to pay for your training yourself, cuz money for technical college doesn't grow on trees, you know.
So make sure you pay for your welding classes yourself so you can upgrade to a $10 an hour job in a state where employers don't think they have to compensate fairly for training either.

Anonymous said...

I learned that Walker apparently does charitable work. I don't know where that takes place, but apparently it does. That was a total surprise and actually, I don't blame Mary for her mind going blank on having to come up with something good to say about Walker. I guess if you are rich and he drastically cut your taxes, you could, but if you are middle class, poor, or elderly, there is nothing good to say about his policies. Although if you fall into one of those three categories and still vote for him, you are one of those people who blame someone else for all the hurt he has caused you, not him.