Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I am among the tens of thousands of men burdened by bald spots which God surely intended for someone else who chuckled their way through Jim Stingl's piece in the Journal Sentinel about Scott Walker's hair loss.

I was hoping that Stingl would somehow weave in a reference to what has to be the most memorable story on these matters ever to appear in the old Milwaukee Journal.

That would be veteran medical reporter (and 2014 Milwaukee Press Club Hall of Fame Inductee this weekend) Neil Rosenberg's early 1990's expose of a surgical hair transplant doctor who'd enlisted the help of an assistant who lacked a medical license - -  but did have a background in animal skinning and farm work.

I couldn't find the story on line. Maybe someone else can. I know this story ran because I remember someone in the newsroom singing a bit of "Mule Skinner Blues" as the story was being read.


Anonymous said...

"Probe of Tosa hair clinic look [sic] at role of medical assistants," Milwaukee Journal on August 18, 1992. Text available through Milwaukee Public Library. Search the Newsbank database; use "Rosenberg" as author and "hair" as text term. Always remember, when you're looking for information, ask a libraryist.

jimspice said...

Or there's this, from Google new archive:

"'That knife don't slip when I cut something.' John Miller, high school dropout who says he did scalp surgical procedures.",5696456

Anonymous said...

Walker actually said that he was hit on the head by a member of his cabinet when he tried to tattoo "250,000" on the cabinet member's forehead.

notbuyingtheliberalbs said...

I'm sure if any reporter wrote a story critical about Scary Burke's hair that it would have been considered sexist and highly inappropriate. But their is no double standard in James's blog.
Note for James: Heavy, Heavy sarcasm.

James Rowen said...

To notbuyingtheliberalbs - - You're right. No double standard, as I led off with a reference to my own bald spot. Walker was very chatty with reporters about his hairline, so NBTLBS, who's the one w.out the sense of humor?