Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, "Since 1951..."

...says its website, and after last night's debate, apparently frozen there.


Anonymous said...

1. No mention of the promised 100 million for industrial corridor that Walker made to Milwaukee just before the recall vote.
2. No mention of breaking Talgo's contract and the resulting loss of inner city jobs.
3. She never rebutted Walker's lie about Doyle being at fault for Bush's great recession.

Question: Do any of the bootlicking moderators live in Milwaukee (proper)?

Anonymous said...

Good question. But the panel's poor performance can be attributed to another factor, "talking head" syndrome: reading the news off teleprompters, occasional forays into the world to gather information which gets distilled to sound bites, then it's on to the next "breaking news" story. Today's news readers don't dig for the deeper story, don't connect the dots, and don't follow up and through. The members of last night's debate panel were derelict in their duty to hold the candidates accountable to the voters of our state.

Anonymous said...

And on a statewide note, WEDC didn't come up in either debate. Nor did the new pro-business focus of the DNR. And when Walker talked about taking a motorcycle trip with his buddies, am I the only one who immediately pictured felon Tim Russell?

Brett Hulsey said...

I just wish the Broadcasters had some African American, Latino, female, and young questioners to ask some questions important to those folks.

You would think they could do that in Milwaukee in 1 debate?