Wednesday, October 29, 2014

People have a reason - - or 700,000 of them - - to vote Walker out

I've stopped updating a summary posting of the people or groups who'd been given a reason to vote against Wrong-Way Walker for his calculating disregard, but this one particularly succinct headline should send any principled, undecided Wisconsin voter still out there Mary Burke's way:
Secret $700,000 Donation Has Scott Walker Scrambling to Address ‘Appearance of Corruption’


Anonymous said...

We all know its not an appearance of corruption its pure and simple corruption. What the majority of voters don't realize is the fiscal mess he has made. There is no surplus. He borrowed $1.05 billion to make his first budget balance even after he used public employee cuts to generate revenue. Now when he says there is a $516 million surplus that's because he's not divulging the expenditures that are due the remainder of this budget year. In actuality there is an impending $1.8 billion dollar deficit of bills coming do and this doesn't include the budget requests for all state agencies. Walker has already included $2 billion in borrowing in his next budget. The people have been fooled by his lies...he hasn't balanced anything in his 4 years. He's used the backs of public employees and extensive borrowing to keep the state above water. His financial ship has a big hole in it that he refuses to tell the people about. His next bomb will put Wisconsin in the tank!

Anonymous said...

Anon@3:42 - I agree with you completely.

When I heard that Walker would go on Michael Gousha's show, I thought and thought about possible questions. I talked to an economist, and he felt the budget situation (which you described, Anon) is Walker's biggest Achilles' heel. So I sent a question about it to Michael Gousha, but I was too late. (It wasn't a live interview, I found out later.)

However, the process got me wishing that we could explain Walker's budget mess in a succinct way that low-information voters can understand. Right now, they hear differing numbers from all over the place, and I fear they pretty much decide that both parties are lying. That lets Walker skate away freely.

I don't have a platform to reach a lot of people, but I would be happy to help in other ways. I am a writer and editor, so if someone wants to put together a concise story (and it has to be concise, or readers won't finish it), I would be happy to review it. I do know a boatload of economists who would help keep the story accurate.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:42

milwaukee journal sentinel catapulted the lies you are trying to refute. no one bloggin' at mjs or coming here for facts has a leg to stand on.

purple-smurple -- its all propaganda and no one did more to spread it then the media empire in milwaukee (spinning of the hate radio was a smart move -- now the rest of the media can endlessly repeat the mjs lies as fact without the stench of the racists squawk jocks)

Jake formerly of the LP said...

The budget situation is just like Bush in the 2000s- blowing a surplus on stupid tax cuts for the rich, and giveaways to corporations.

And it's worse than it was 4 years ago. How's that for an "elevator talk" on the budget. Best part is that it's true

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord -- your mjs, james, is now blasing across the state that mary burke was essentially fired for incompetence at Trek!

Disgruntled employees, being published in a fake noooze organization funded by koch brothers! The HR guy was FIRED!

Most in Wisconsin know nothing about your 700000 reasons -- milwaukee journal sentinel and the rest of the corporate media made sure of that.

So how do you feel about your buddies at mjs now?

They are screaming to the world some of the most disingenuous propaganda I've seen in my lifetime.

But at least you bring some purple to the propaganda.

This fix is in -- the media has proclaimed the election is over (with mjs leading the way) and now they just need proprietary vote tabulators that are entirely closed and secret to generate the numbers.

pretty sick, james, pretty sick situation -- takes the wind right out of your post even though your friends at mjs could have told the truth about it.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3:42 Two good resources that lay it out in a way that's readable: http;// or Another source that is also good

Anonymous said...

Even more maddening is that in addition to all his borrowing Walker kicked the can down the road on $558 million of the state's debt obligations into the future so as to make his budget look better than it was. These were debts that were supposed to be paid off but he simply refinanced them at greater interest cost and passed them on to taxpayers to deal with after he leaves office . He rally cares not about Wisconsin neither present nor future!