Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weak jobs numbers again challenge Walker, spin team

The latest federal jobs numbers came out today, and for Bucky, Becky and Wrong-Way Walker, it's the same sad old story:

Despite creating two, two-year budgets laden with pro-business entitlements, stage-managing the Legislature, setting up and chairing his floundering and dysfunctional WEDC jobs agency, mocking Illinois and sending Rebecca Kleefisch there to try and convince corporations that "open for business" borders signs are a development plan, Wrong-Way Walker's new jobs numbers over the last year trail Illinois' - - ouch, #BeckyFail - - and most other Midwestern states.

From the Federal data, Table D, jobs added in the previous 12 months:

Illinois - - 69,000
Indiana - - 59,600
Minnesota - - 50,700
Wisconsin - - 41,800
Michigan - - 32,700
Iowa - - 22,100

So the challenge for Walker and his PR people is spin away from "We're 4th of 6," "We Cleaned Iowa's Clock," "At This Rate, 250,000 Is A Pipe Dream," and "Ha, Ha, Illinois Only Beat Us By 60%!"

I cannot confirm that the Walker spin team operative who thought Wisconsin could be bumped into the top half by including Mississippi, (14,300 new jobs) as a Midwestern state because it shares the Mississippi River with Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota was re-assigned to Kleefisch's staff.

And trust me, that staff needs help. On her official Lt. Gov. web site, the Wisconsin face of business development is featured in a "Blueprint for Prosperity" video that has been up since January and has garnered all of 164 views on You Tube - - where some genius thought to promote it.

And though the data show otherwise, she's touted on her campaign web site as a key figure in Wisconsin job creation:
Widely credited for coining the phrase, “Wisconsin is Open for Business”, Rebecca immediately played a key role in business growth and retention for Wisconsin – cold-calling Illinois businesses that, in turn, relocated to Wisconsin, and nimbly responding to businesses looking for support.
Rebecca serves as Wisconsin’s “Jobs Ambassador’ and spearheads the Governor’s Small Business Summits, listening and input sessions held all over the state. She chaired the Governor’s Sub Cabinet on Workforce Investment that developed the “Wisconsin Working” plan, designed to connect the unemployed to jobs, encourage the hiring of veterans and address Wisconsin’s graying manufacturing workforce.


Anonymous said...

Now hang on--- the first things said about Becky Clayfish in her radio ad are: she's a mom and a Packer fan. So you know she must be eminently qualified to be the Lt Governor! oh, and she knows it's wrong for me to marry a chair, no matter how badly I want to...

Sue said...

Anon@4:29: what, no mention of the famous minivan?

Boxer said...

Now would that be the infamous Clint Eastwood chair? I don't know how that would "read" for Becky, though: the chair = Clint? or the chair = Obama? the = could make quite a difference to our Becky.