Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Proof that WI is not cleaner than before Walker took power

You may remember that I called Walker out when he ridiculously said that Wisconsin was somehow cleaner now under his reduced-inspection regime than when he'd taken office.

To refute Walker's claim, I listed specifics with links - - from toxic oil and gasoline pipeline breaks to frac sand mining spills to illegal human fecal matter spreading violations to airborne and ground water pollution from big dairies, and more.

So props to aggrieved and concerned citizens and environmental groups which are now asking the feds to intervene - - following dismissive health and safety enforcement and intentional regulatory withdrawal by Walker's "chamber-of-commerce" DNR  - - and force Wisconsin to clean up where the mess is pressing and dangerous - - big-dairy manure pollution of drinking water.

But it is outrageous that when state government puts special interest and corporate benefits above the taxpayers' health and the common environment's well-being, taxpayers have to spend their own money to force the state to do the job it is supposed to be doing everyday on taxpayers' behalf.


Anonymous said...

This new report, about rewards to special interest groups, mentions environmental issues:

Walker needs to go.

Boxer said...

What's at the nexus of fecal spreading and Chamber-of-Commerce-mentality? Nothing good. . . and it smells.