Monday, October 20, 2014

Wisconsin proves Sen. Warren's "game is rigged" message

[updated, 10:45 p.m.] Massachusetts progressive Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren's "the game is rigged and the Republicans rigged it" message certainly resonates nationally, and describes the reality we confront here moment-by-moment.

You can see and feel Warren's description of right-wing, corporate control across Wisconsin, from the domination of big money and influence atop all three branches of government... big business being allowed by the State Supreme Court's far-right majority to write the Court's code of conduct that protects big money's judicial clout... a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources turned into a corporate tool of deregulation by Wrong-Way Walker, Wisconsin's pollution enabler-in-chief... the oh-so-illustrative formerly-secret $700,000 donation routed to Walker's campaign committee from a mining company through a far-right corporatist third-party group that is currently fighting tooth-and-nail further investigation into its once-clandestine activity on behalf of the Walker campaign and those of some GOP legislators.

Two more points proving the Warren thesis here - - and we'd have even more evidence to cite if not for the 11th-hour blocking of the manipulative voter ID law to disenfranchise minorities and students which Walker and his allies nearly put in place:

The mining company which gave the $700,000 donation - - and let that figure sink in, because it's really big and very unusual - - had also been allowed to help write and steer a controversial bill pushed to approval by Walker so the company can dig the continent's largest open-pit mine in pristine Northern Wisconsin woods and wetlands.

And should a stalled, bi-partisan prosecutors' investigation into these formerly-secret machinations by and for the benefit of Walker and allied legislators campaigns' be allowed to proceed - - despite the efforts by a Federal judge whose favoritism towards Walker and allied right-wing groups has reached clumsily outrageous levels - - and should that investigation result in criminal charges, the final arbiters of those charges would be...wait for it...a State Supreme Court majority freed from conflict-of-interest territory and recusals by a code of conduct written by some of the same groups which donated millions of dollars to Walker and the court's majority.

As Sen. Warren says, "the game is rigged."

Mary Burke's defeat of Scott Walker on November, and the election of Susan Happ as Attorney General as the unabashed Walker tool J. B Van Hollen departs that office, can slow down the right's rigged winning in Wisconsin.

If not, the slogan becomes "the game is rigged, and in Wisconsin, they have won."

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Anonymous said...

We have one chance and one chance only to return and restore Wisconsin government to the people and for the people and by the people on Nov. 4th. I sincerely hope Wisconsin turns this corrupt administration out of office!