Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Square the lede in Walker endorsement with today's JS jaw-dropper

I never thought I'd see our state's leading politician's leading, false and broken promise so glibly dismissed by the state's leading editorial board, but now I've seen everything:
Gov. Scott Walker's false promise of job growth isn't that big of a deal
We sure didn't see the newspaper telegraph this kind of whatever shoulder-shrugging in 2010, when it led its crucial Walker endorsement editorial this way:
Scott Walker has said repeatedly during his campaign for governor that he will develop strategies to create 250,000 new jobs during his first term.
It's a big promise - one that has been derided by his critics. But for the sake of Wisconsin, Walker had better be right.
"Not that big of a deal."

When Walker is this wrong?



Anonymous said...

can we rate the Journal-Sentinel editorial writers as "Pants on Fire"?

Anonymous said...

And what about this article?


I have seen all four of those writers prop up Walker. I used to trust some of them, but I don't anymore. What is the point of this election panel? Is it simply to torpedo Mary Burke?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

The J-S must be run by Republicans, because just like GOPs, it's like they don't understand we can use the Google and YouTube and check on their past statements and actions.

What a disgraceful outlet. And I agree, that "panel discussion" of 4 more rich white guys should be completely avoided. Outside of Gilbert (who sticks to numbers), the other three have no clue about life in the 920, 608, or 715

Anonymous said...

The owners of the JS have one desire in the upcoming election, they want the biggest, most corrupt person to be governor. They have him. They feel that if they promise to not endorse anyone, that then their toilet paper can be taken seriously. You know, make them look as if they are doing real journalism.
The stinking JS said the 250000 should define Walker back when they thought it would happen, but now???
Look at the latest Politifact check, Mary Burke's claim on 3000 bucks in lost income. I don't know about others but even without figuring for inflation, we have lost about 6000.

Boxer said...

Gutless bastards!