Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WI DNR allowing atrocious behavior by some hunters, anglers

[updated, 11:57 p.m.] I guess the deer hunters in Wisconsin complaining that wolves are killing off the deer can blame another predator:

Other hunters.

And the DNR which is letting them get away with selfish, grubby, destructive and violent scofflaw behavior in the woods and on the waters  - - our waters.

That's what you get when an ideologue like Scott Walker installs politically-inspired and intentional deregulation atop a once proud, science-minded agency where selfishness by polluters-to-poachers and replaces public resource protection.

Look at the stunning DNR data unearthed by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and published by Journal Sentinel showing a significant reduction in many enforcement actions:
■ Citations for hunting deer outside of closed season have dropped 85%.
■ Citations for shining deer have declined 44%.
■ Citations for hunting deer from a public roadway fell 20%.
■ Citations for fishing without a license dropped 35%.
■ Citations for operating a watercraft while intoxicated declined 33%.
■ Citations for making physical alterations of fish and wildlife habitat in and near public waters declined by 62%.
So, basically, there aren't traditional hunting and fishing seasons anymore.

It's open season all year-round: go shoot or land whatever you want, and the DNR will look the other way.

The agency is letting the outdoors' equivalent of the two-fisted slopper who arrogated through Milwaukee County Stadium roam the north woods and zoom around on the state's waterways with impunity.

The law-and-order phonies at the DNR are also letting major polluters run wild more often - - though the Journal Sentinel editorial board said just the other day that wasn't necessarily a bad thing in Walker's open for business state.

Trends noted on this blog more than two years ago as reason enough for Walker's recall.

A few minutes after this posting went up Wednesday, righty AM 620 WTMJ talker Jeff Wagner weighed in on the side of lax enforcement, some making a case for what he called warden, or officer discretion.

Discretion is an 85% drop in citations for shooting deer out-of-season, for example?

Hope we don't see that kind of decline in police officer discretion, in, say, OWI enforcement.

What a bumch of rule-breaking enabling fraudsters are these Walkerite officials and their talk radio enablers.


Anonymous said...

James - don't worry! The DNR has had heart-to-heart talks with all these former law breakers and told them nicely to not do it again. And they all promised not to, so there's no reason anymore to cite them!

Anonymous said...

Simple they (Walker) is pre-buying votes.

Those folks who support him (because they hate the DNR) should beware of how Walker does things. He drops the bomb(s).

Without any warning pre-election 2010 he push ACT 10 after the election.

Remember he has presidential aspiration for 2016. He won't need Wisconsin voters anymore. So he won't be handing you any more hunting gifts.

I'll bet after this election you will see a move to privatization of deer hunting. Pay to play.

Boxer said...

We've already seen a decline in Republican prosecutions, thanks to the "prosecutorial discretion" of AG hopeful, Brad Schimel. At least for now, his blind eye is focused on only Waukesha County, long a lost cause for fairness. But Schimel wants to spread his weird sense of justice statewide. Don't let him.

Anonymous said...

The 62% drop in habitat protection will mean fewer fish spawning and poorer water quality. The 33% drop in OWI boating enforcement means increased safety on our waters and the 53% drop in environmental enforcement means more pollution in our air and water, impacting the health of Wisconsin families.
The highest costs will come from not timely fixing the problems they are looking the other way whether from health related violations or environmental damage.

Anonymous said...

I also read that the DNR spokesperson stated that wardens were pulled away from enforcement for the purpose of recruiting hunters.

Seems like an expensive (and inefficient) recruiting program.

Anonymous said...

So, if the game wardens aren't doing their job, then what are we paying them for and why do we need them?

silver man said...

If you shoot a deer and eat it season or not license or not nobodies business the state forest own the animals god created them for humans to consume..and it's communism to ask for permission by the state to do anything.