Thursday, October 30, 2014

Citizens' win against mega-dairy could presage anti-Walker rural vote

Citizens fighting for stronger DNR regulations to guarantee clean water jeopardized by mega-dairy expansion in Kewaunee County - - an issue discussed on this blog more than once - - have won a significant legal ruling that will indeed force state regulators to finally do their public-service, constitutionally-mandated jobs.

The ruling cites a massive regulatory failure that led to toxic water pollution.

Check out this account by veteran environmental reporter Ron Seely.

And I repeat my belief that the intentional Walker/Cathy Stepp/WMC mismanagement of water, land and clean air resources by a DNR that works for sand mines, big dairies and Chris Cline's well-heeled, out-of-state iron-mining behemoth will produce a surprising anti-Walker, pro-Burke conservationist vote.

Failing to protect constituents' clean water needs could cost one GOP state legislator his seat.

And it should cost Walker his governorship, given the environmental harm on his watch.

Hat tip also to the lawyers, the brilliant, dedicated, no-quit-ever Midwest Environmental Advocates.


Anonymous said...

What's amazing is that Cosh speaking for the DNR said the Judge didn't find the DNR at fault massive regulatory failure that caused numerous wells to contain water unfit for human consumption. Even when their agency [DNR] is taken to the woodshed they claim innocence. Walker has taught them well......never, never accept accountability for problems and failures that you cause!

Anonymous said...

If you read the decision it doesn't really seem like a DNR win. They were ordered to change the permit to require groundwater monitoring and include monitoring of manure spreading fields. The parts that were upheld were those things like construction specifications and schedule. It will be interesting to see how this interacts with the petition for the EPA to become involved.

James Rowen said...

It is a win for the public. I hear that DNR trying to figure out how to wiggle around and spin ir.