Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walker ad underscores Wisconsin's fall to the political bottom

Set aside for a moment that Walker signed a bill repealing legal remedies for women seeking damages for second-class wages. Bad enough, for sure.

What does it say about politics here, and specifically about Scott Walker's standing, and his willingness to manipulate voters that he teamed up in ad ad with his Lt. Governor to be praised for supporting equal pay for women.

In 1954, that might have been something to praise.

But this is 2014.

Might as well praise yourself for supporting equal voting rights for minorities - - oh, right, I forgot. Voter ID.

As I said, we really hitting bottom here.

Voters know that Walker stands with groups that want to roll back the clock on women's rights - - to health care, to workplace equality, to family-supporting wages and family-supporting clean air and water.

Which is why I'm hopeful that the crowds we saw this afternoon turning out for the allegedly-unpopular President Barack Obama as he campaigned for gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke is the beginning of the wave.

In a campaign led by Democratic women candidates - - Mary Burke and Attorney General hopeful Susan Happ.

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