Friday, October 31, 2014

In records coverup, Van Hollen shows one-party perils

As if we didn't need another lesson in the perils of one-party rule, outgoing Republican Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen has found another procedural method of withholding until after Tuesday's election the release of publicly-produced videotapes and records that may put his preferred GOP successor - - Waukesha County DA Brad Schimel - -  in a bad light.

Add this to the list of undemocratic procedures and plans these days in GOP-run Wisconsin:

*  Secret redistricting mocking openness and achieved behind closed-private-attorneys'-doors through confidentiality agreements, and even with some evidence withheld or destroyed despite court orders to the contrary;

*  An iron mining bill drafted with the help of the only company it would benefit, considered in the Assembly without a named sponsor and finally approved after outside, pro-GOP money both helped Walker win the recall election and defeat a key Democratic Senator blocking the bill's adoption;

*  State budgets rammed through containing last-minute amendments;

*  Controversial legislation, like Act 10, rubber-stamped by a GOP-big business obeisant State Supreme Court majority;

*  An independently-minded GOP State Senator Dale Schultz and a barely-too-moderate GOP US Rep. Tom Petri basically run out of their incumbencies by far-right GOP party powers;

*  And, if you take GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos at his word, a state elections and ethics board of referees, (the GAB), to be re-made next year into an arm of  partisan, Republican political and electioneering interests.

Yes, it's Fitzwalkerstan - - modeled on former Soviet-era Republics, enabled by a broad propaganda machine and directed by a powerful central committee and chosen leader allowing no dissent.

And a preview of what Republican control of the US Congress and White House would lead to.

And if Walker were at the top...imagine a Diane Sykes sitting on the US Supreme Court, and other Koch brothers' nominees headed for US EPA administrator, Secertary of the Department of the Interior, and other secretaryships, judgeships and ambassadorships.


Betsey said...

I'm a lifelong Wisconsin citizen and up to now have been proud to call WI home. I no longer recognize the state I love.

Betsey said...

This sad song is accompanied by unmarried, childless soloist Julianne Appeling lecturing us (off key) on the meanings of 'marriage' and 'family.'