Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WI Announces Plan To Issue ID Outlawed By Federal Court

The state is about to issue some ID's to some citizens at some point, some officials are saying, but since a Federal judge has already ruled you don't need to show it or another ID at the polls, what you'd be getting if you're bamboozled into thinking you need to get one will end up as a drink coaster or eBay collectible.

What Walker gets out of the charade is the message to his followers that he is resolutely confronting a problem that in actuality does not exist, and offering an irrelevant 'solution.'


Jake formerly of the LP said...

They're soooooo desperate. Totally out of bullets at this point

Anonymous said...

I think Walker should have to answer three questions;
Where's the $1 billion dollars in surplus that he said we had?
Where are the schools that he said were failing that necessitated Act 10 and 3 times per pupil aid than public schools and the $10,000 per student tax credit for enrolling a kid in a private school?
Where are the cases of voter fraud that resulted in the need for a voter I D?
I would like him to name which schools are failing and name the fraudulent voters. While he's at it please name specific curriculum components in Common Core that should be repealed. I'll even extend this offer to Walker's supporters.....where's the money, the fraud and the school failures?

Gareth said...

I bet there will be plenty of Republican districts in which certain people are asked to show ID. Just because an activity isn't lawful doesn't mean Republicans won't try it, as they seem to believe we already live in a Walkerite dictatorship.