Monday, September 15, 2014

Bucky walks into the DMV office in Luck, WI...

"I need one of those new ID's," said Bucky to a worker at the door of Bucky's hometown DMV office in Luck, WI. "Big election coming up.  I hear you can help me track down my paperwork."
Bucky was an older Wisconsinite and had voted for decades. But now he needed an ID and couldn't find his birth certificate and some other records.
"You're out of luck," said the worker. "I'm just the custodian. "Like the DMV offices in most counties, this is just a part-time operation, a day or two a week, maybe less."
"Well, I could head down to my sister's place in Ft. Atkinson," Bucky said. "But I don't have a driver's license. See what I mean?"
"Actually, that office is only open two days a month," said the custodian. "And don't go to Wittenberg. That office won't open up before the election."
"But Joel Kleefisch is touting the whole arrangement," Bucky said. "Called it a "collaborative initiative'" with the rest of state government."
The custodian shrugged his shoulders.
"And those judges in Chicago who thought it all over for few minutes last week and gave it their blessing," Bucky continued. "Who the hell's in charge here?"
"Hard to know what these people are thinking," said the custodian. "The election is in seven weeks. They're digging themselves a pretty big hole."


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Anonymous said...

Call the DMV in Madison!!! Complain, Complain, and complain some more!!!
Call: (608) 266-1069
Call the Governor
Call your senator
call your congressman!!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Talk about election fraud. election impersonation is inconsequential; the real election fraud is at the procedural level. Disengranchisation, caging, intimidation, gerrymandering.

And, of course, whatever the hell Kathy Niklaus has been doing with her contorted Excel spreadsheet that only shows up on her computer.

Paul Berge said...

The next step for the GOP is to force all those nasty old big-city DMV's to cut their hours. Because it's so unfair to the citizens of Wittenberg that the damn libruls in Madison and Milwaukee can register at their DMV almost any old time they want and the good upstanding folks in the heartland can't.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to look at the DMV site last night and randomly clicked on Luck. I new the DMV had cut hours but not to this degree.