Thursday, September 18, 2014

PolitiFact declares Walker's jobs-promise "broken"

Something of a metaphor for the last four years, no?
As it became more evident that 250,000 jobs promise would be unattainable, Walker and his supporters began to shift attention from the vow and began to parse the promise. He criticized the data. He argued the recall elections had spooked state employers. He claimed the tally was far higher than it was. He talked about how many jobs were lost under his predecessor.
A complex failure further documented, in depth, here:
There has never been a Wisconsin Governor in our memories prior to Wrong Way Walker who so widely disrespected the time, resources and basic interests of so many Wisconsinites, particularly the state's lower-income residents, just to advance his own political career. 
Conflationists can claim until the cows come home that every Wisconsin Governor has behaved this one-dimensionally, opportunistically, selfishly, coldly - - including his latest  pandering play and ploy for his Tea Party base: mandating drug testing for low-income Wisconsinites who apply for food stamps and other public assistance. 
Few if any Northern states' governors have so eagerly embraced a Nixonian, southern strategy to wield and hold power. 
And has been so habitually evasive, to our knowledge - - for 26 years. 
Or whose fund-raising, special interest servitude and subsequent dismissals of questions about it and its propriety - - and we're talking about an unprecedented millions of dollars, according to recent disclosures - - are so devoid of credibility and transparency. 
And who plays fast and loose with official data, like jobless numbers and state-to-state rankings, to mislead voters rather than inform them...
But I defy anyone to find in the ten previous administrations  - - split about evenly between five Democrats, and Republicans: Nelson, Reynolds, Knowles, Lucey, Schreiber, Dreyfus, Earl, Thompson, McCallum and Doyle  - - and that covers roughly the almost half-century I have spent here - - examples and patterns comparable to Walker's self-interested, game-playing, documented false-speaking and overall manipulative arrogance at the expense of so many other people...

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Thats because Walker isn't from Wisconsin. We don't do that here.