Friday, September 19, 2014

WI does have new growth industry...


By the Walker machine.

Imagine the public dollars thrown away by this group of spineless spinners.

Imagine if his image-builders and chaff-tossers were actually tasked with helping people instead of manipulating, mistreating and otherwise disrespecting them.

Today it's WEDC loan collections described as moving in the right direction - - but by writing off millions of dollars after mismanagement and agency chaos enabled by Chairman Walker.

Job-creation or scam-propagation?

Yesterday it was GOP legislative leaders claiming they were protecting the vote by demanding a new ballot design - - but not moving to fully open DMV stations where new mandatory voter ID information and issuance is uniquely provided.

Or to even acknowledge how few hours weekly many are open.

Here is the DMV website. Click on communities like Ft.Atkinson, or Luck, or Merrill to see how briefly they are open.

Last week, Walker moved to shift the focus away from his stalled poll numbers and obttom-third performance in state job growth (we're 33rd) by promising to begin drug-testing food stamp recipients out of "compassion," Walker said, as he simultaneously trimmed food stamp availability.

As he did compassionately with the elimination of Badgercare health insurance for 38,000 low-income Wisconsinites earlier.

And with taxes he raised in his first budget compassionately on seniors and his favorite targets - - low-income food stamp and Badgercare clients.

Yeah, some compassion.

In Wisconsin, lower-income residents are consistently scapegoated.

You can find Walker's delivering his real compassion by the boatload to his corporate, donor friends, as he helps them profit from and add to their privilege and by getting state funding, and even keeping wrongfully-awarded or tracked WEDC millions - - drug-test-and-consequence-free.

So much dissembling and double-standard policy-making in Wrong-Way Walker's whitewashed Wisconsin.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Notice that the J-S has only reported on WEDC when they absolutely have to? It's like they have a business arrangement, eh?