Friday, September 19, 2014

Walkerites bashing Burke for consultant's use of outside materials...

Should immediately reject any ALEC-sponsored/Koch brothers-related items and stop claiming them as their own innovations without attribution.

And talk radio should stop airing those talking points Walker himself has been emailing.

The ALEC connection goes back to Walker's early days as Governor:
Wisconsin's new governor, Scott Walker, has decided to follow in Thompson's footsteps, pushing half dozen ALEC-inspired bills in his first weeks and months in office, yet remaining silent about the roots of these public policy "innovations."
And the ALEC influence predates his gubernatorial election (again, hat tip, Mary Bottari): 
Before Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker ran for governor, he was a state legislator from 1993-2002 and a proud member of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). At ALEC, corporate and legislative members gather behind closed doors to craft and pre-vote on legislation that is later introduced in state houses across the land with no disclosure of its ALEC roots.
In his first year in office, Walker cosponsored "Right to Work" legislation (1993 SB 459) making it harder for public and private sector unions to organize or exist. That bill failed to pass, but Walker kept trying sponsoring "Paycheck Protection" legislation (1997 AB 624), which would make it tough for unions to spend money on elections. He also worked hard to pass "Truth in Sentencing" (1997 AB 351), which would greatly increase the number of inmates in prison at the same time that he attempted to privatize Wisconsin's prison system (1997 AB 634, 1999 AB 176 and AB 519), He also co-sponsored a bill (1997 AB 745) which would have prohibited all state agencies, including higher education, from providing goods and services that could be procured from the private sector, with rare exceptions.
All these measures reflect long-standing ALEC bills and priorities. 


Anonymous said...

Wow. 1000 comments at the J/S online story.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

800 are by paid Koch posters trying to deflect from their boy Scotty's job failures. It'll be dead by the end of the weekend-mostly cause there is no story.

All the righties have left is intimidation and distraction. One hard push back with the truth might just finish the job.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get from the story is how this sub-contractor who apparently wrote the jobs plan isn't in the campaign finance reports. What's that about?

Anonymous said...

Why did J/S quit talking comments yesterday? During the recall I remember comments well over 1000.