Saturday, September 27, 2014

US economy rebounding: not in Wisconsin

This is why we call him Wrong-Way Walker.
The U.S. economy's bounce-back last quarter from a dismal winter was even faster than previously thought, a sign that growth will likely remain solid for rest of the year.

This is why we call him Wrong-Way Wisconsin.
Wisconsin ranked 33rd in private-sector job creation for the 12-month period ending in March, based on federal data released Thursday, the last update of its kind before the November election.
This is why we call him Wrong-Way Walker. 
Newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau provides yet another indication of Wisconsin's glacial business-start-up rate.
The latest evidence comes from an extensive database called the Business Dynamics Statistics. It is based largely on administrative records, not surveys, and it offers insight into the life cycle of businesses. 
In 2012, the Business Dynamics Statistics data shows, Wisconsin entrepreneurs created 5,757 businesses with employees. 
That amounted to 5.8% of the state's universe of employer firms — third lowest among the 50 states.
This is why we call him Wrong-Way Walker. 
...the state has added about 8,800 jobs this year...
Our tally now stands at 102,195 jobs -- or about 40 percent of what Walker promised... 

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Anonymous said...

But I fear the average Wisconsinite feels that is just fine. They are more interested in his continuing punishment of the less fortunate, teachers and public employees. They will approve anything that he does to disparage or demean the unemployed and those on food stamps. The $3-4 billion deficit Walker is creating will allow them to give him license to further slash needed programs and to continue to divide and conquer. I am simply astonished how he has turned so many citizens of this state against one another. He lies to one side saying how good others have it at their expense and they nod and agree as he brings everyone down to a lower level excepting his 1%ers who fund him and his henchmen!