Saturday, September 20, 2014

About those WI candidates' jobs plans

Apparently, a Mary Burke consultant copied several paragraphs from plans he'd written earlier.

You think that's bad?

Walker's been working on his jobs plan for 44 months and it's only 40% finished.


Anonymous said...

And he took Mary Burke's ideas about "industry clusters" straight from her jobs plan - so plagiarism?

Gareth said...

The amazing thing is that this was the big news story of the day at Wisconsin Public Radio. WPR, feeling a need to placate Walker, seems to have given up on fact checking, defaulting to a he-said-she-said style of journalism, wherein the story ends with a helpless shrug of the shoulders -- Who knows what the truth really is, it's so confusing?

There is a difference between objective reporting and journalism through amnesia. Living in fear of funding cuts is obviously getting to some people.