Monday, September 15, 2014

Walker clone at PSC micro-manages Milwaukee water piping budgets

That would be former conservative Greendale GOP State Rep. and printing business owner Jeff Stone, now recast as a state water rate policy manager.

The same Jeff Stone defeated in 2011 for Milwaukee County Executive by Chris Abele and the same Jeff Stone who led legislative efforts for voter ID that will stifle city voting.

The same Jeff Stone who got promoted by Wrong-Way Walker from to a fat PSC division head job that probably doubled his big government salary (not to mention a big leap in potential pension levels) only because a state grant scandal forced Walker's first choice - - former State Assemblyman Scott Suder - - to leave the PSC position for a job with the Wisconsin Paper Council.

That's how things work in this administration: Walker's legislative water carriers - - Jeff Plale is another - - become Big Government clerks and any concerns with credentials or credibility is, shall we say, papered over?

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