Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WI Republicans say ballot doesn't make them pretty enough

Not content with restricting access to the ballot box with mandating possession of an ID which tens of thousands of voters can't easily obtain - - by design - - state GOP leaders rolled out today a new tactic to further mess with the process and degrade the turnout.

They don't like the design of this fall's ballot and have gone judge shopping in Waukesha - - capital of the Rogue State of FitzWalkerstan - - to find someone who can better feature their candidates on the ballot.

There are obvious fixes here:

*  Just get rid of the Democratic candidates' names. The ballot will be shorter and simpler and help move the state in a Right direction.

* Voters still beholden to the outdated Two-Party system - - Wisconsin 1.0 - - are free to write in the name of a Democrat.

I'm sure GOP leaders can also get quick federal approval for a corollary process that will require the production by these old-timey voters of a handwriting sample.  Is that asking too much? We all write our names every day.

So just bring that sample to the polls with an affidavit from the State Crime Lab verifying your handwriting sample has at least 29 points of similarity with the signature on the back of two credit cards AND that the signature on the new voter ID you've gotten.

* Or - - a shortcut - - at the polls, just sign a Republican Party of Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan membership card available from the party worker poll worker who will give you a ballot with all the Repiblican candidates' names in big print.

But don't forget all your paperwork, since your membership card signature will have to match the sample you brought and the handwriting verification, too.

The goal is to make it harder for you to vote and easier for the GOP to cheat.

*  Also look for Walker and Republicans leaders to streamline the process by eliminating the Government Accountability Board the day after the election.

With a state GOP office, central committee fully-funded by outside donors and lawyers handy like those who helped write the redistricting bill in closed-door, private offices, FitzWalkerstan don't need no stinkin' GAB.

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Anonymous said...

I fear that you are correct on so many counts if Walker is re-elected. I forgot that Fitz and the boys wanted to neuter the GAB after the last elections. I hope that citizens are fully aware that this man can and will end a government of and for the people because he will not tolerate a government BY the people.