Thursday, September 18, 2014

Best news for Walker? High-profile job loss coming after election

Who in the Milwaukee area hasn't been to the Sears store and auto center at what is now Bayshore Mall? 
It's closing in December, along with 86 jobs. Hat tip, Rich Kirchen:
The Sears store and Sears Auto Center in the Bayshore Town Center will close in early December, ending years of speculation on the future of the key parcel on the center’s north end, Fox 6 Milwaukee and the Business Journal have confirmed.
It would be hard to get a comment from Wrong-Way Walker.  While failing to create more than 40% of his promised 250,000 jobs - - after saying he'd tattoo the pledge on his cabinet secretaries' foreheads, too - - he's now too busy shoveling 
'Can somebody ride by on their Trek mountain bike and  throw me a rope?'
to escape the Medicaid and tax-cut budget hole he did create.

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