Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Walker's 'agenda,' after drug-testing the poor...

I think you can count on more rewards for the rich, also known as 'those who got him where he is today.'

The completely unnecessary and punitive demand for drug-testing public assistance and food stamp recipients was a scape-goating southern-style dog whistle signaled in the midst of a bad run of Walker PR to divert his small-town and suburban constituents.

If Walker is re-elected, the payoffs to his campaign funders will come as part of another 'budget-repair' bill - - this time fixing the hole he's dug by refusing federal Medicaid funding while trimming revenues with tax cuts.

Expect to see the beginning of the state property fire sale for which he already has legislative approval.

Competitive, public bidding is not required - - only rubber stamping by office-holders and processes he controls, including hand-picked water-carriers at the state Department of Administration and Legislative budget lackeys like Alberta Darling installed to grease the skids at the Joint Committee on Finance who are there to implement his extremist agenda.

How better to polish your phony small government credentials, get some quick-fix financing and give some big contributors the favors they expect than selling off publicly-paid power plants, university dorms and choice acreage under the control of the Department of Natural Resources - - an agency already told by Walker and the Legislature to identify and sell 10,000 acres.

I'd also expect Walker to add more tax cuts at the higher end of the scale, and for the few remaining business functions that still contribute to state services, despite the budget problems such cuts have already caused.

Because to Walker, falling revenue only gives him further justification to keep cutting services, like local school aids. In his first budget, he tried to eliminate state payments to localities for recycling and transit programs.

And don't forget the one test Walker's proposals must all pass is the stick-it-to-Milwaukee rule.

Because Milwaukee is the biggest city, with the most Democratic voters, and minorities, and poor people, and stressed public services, any Walker revenue reduction that monley-wrenches local services will have the harshest impact right here and reverberate more pleasurably across Walker's GOP, conservative, talk-radio driven base in Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington Counties.

And yet I feel like I'm underestimating his dark side. After all, who saw Act 10 coming, which he'd hidden throughout the 2010 campaign?

Who'd have thought that he'd be able to implement voter ID and enhance its voting suppression by trimming the hours where those very ID's are available?

Lessons learned.

Put nothing past him.


Anonymous said...

Look to Kansas boys and girls!

Anonymous said...

You know with Judge Randa giving corporations unlimited campaign donation to the Republican party that wholesale corporate government will be firmly established in Wisconsin. Obviously he'll sell off state assets to his special interest donors to raise needed revenue. If anyone thought the G-TEC purchase of the Penokee region was big WE HAVEN'T SEEN ANYTHING YET!. I FEAR FOR EDUCATION AND THE EMPLOYEE TRUST FUND. HE WILL SELL SCHOOLS TO THE PRIVATEERS AND STATE EMPLOYEES WILL BE SWITCHED TO SELF FUNDED INSURANCE WITH TERRIBLE COVERAGE AND HIGH DEDUCTIBLES. HE HAS CONSOLIDATED POWER IN HIMSELF AND HIS LEGISALTIVE MAJORITY AND Wisconsin will be sold off to corporate bidders in rapid fashion.

Anonymous said...

"And yet I feel like I'm understanding his dark side." Did You mean underestimating his dark side? At least that's the way I read it and that's what I understand. I don't trust those who handle Wanker one bit. They are true sociopaths who use the Ayn Rand motto of "Who's gonna stop me." We must all get together & GOTV en masse-->it's the only way.

Anonymous said...

"Walker Care" is pretty much a done deal at this point. He just can't start the dog and pony show with his etf people till after the election. That plan will be devastating for health care (HMO damage, etc.) in the state in general, not just the state employees and families who will be brutalized under the "plan".

And with Ray Cross and that real estate guy Jim Villa heading the UW-System, I think the selling off of UW-System campuses will happen so fast we will be in shock. He could sell properties at giveaway prices to his future POTUS campaign backers and still bring in billions of dollars of revenue, quickly. I doubt any of that revenue will go to back into the System budget, but rather be used as payoffs to the road builders and other supporters, as well as just enough to pay off some of the state debt so he can use the "I balanced the Wisconsin budget" talking point in his POTUS run.

There's a strong likelihood the state prisons will be sold as well as our highways. Hello private toll roads!

There is of course much more he can sell off with no way of stopping him. He hasn't done it yet, but that's just because he needs to win the second term first. But no doubt the plans and buyers are ready to go as soon as the election results are certified.

It's sickening to know that we will see our state sold off like this just to fund that sociopath's delusional run for POTUS. God help us.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

We won't see it happen. Because they will never get the chance.

Although it would be nice if the DPW would tell people about the catastrophic plans of a Walker second term. It would be the best guarantee to make sure it doesn't happen.