Sunday, September 21, 2014

Walker draws attention to history of evasion, finger-pointing

Our Wrong-Way Governor - - who has spent much of his term in office hidden behind a brace of lawyers and a legal defense fund, who said he didn't know how a $700,000 mining company donation got routed to his campaign, who never took responsibility for the criminal actions of convicted members of his county executive staff and other associates, and who has blamed his broken job-creation promise on everything and everyone from Libyan rebels to Obamacare to recall protesters to fiscal cliff daredevils in the US Congress - - this Master of Teflon now has the shameless but laughable gall to demand of others a standard of behavior he has undermined throughout his political career beginning with a failed run for Marquette University student body president in 1988 and an evasion of accountability for its publicized ethical deficiencies.

Said Walker, Saturday, as if there were no Google, no collective memory, no mirrors in the State Capitol or Governor's Mansion
"People expect a leader that's going to take responsibility for their actions," he added.
Quoting Walker about taking responsibility is like citing Glenn Grothman on civility, or Ron Johnson on climate science.

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