Tuesday, September 30, 2014

About trophy hunting, bees, and related matters: food for thought

This blog has frequently carried postings about Wisconsin's uniquely brutal wolf hunt that has been politically-promoted by the state's well-connected bear hunting and gun lobbies.

I've also taken note of the survival battles of the small critters - - bees, Monarch butterflies and all the species damaged by oil spills.

With that in mind, you might take a look at this story:
We’ve killed off half the world’s animals since 1970

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Walker & his gang can now be charged with "intentional abuse and torture" in the facilitation of the death of wolves, bears, hunting dogs etc. How about Kathy Stepp? There should be a special category for her as a fawn killer & nightmare spawner for children who love Bambi & can't process her hatred towards fawns.