Sunday, September 28, 2014

If Walker wins four more years in Wisconsin

Even if Walker quits early, your Wisconsin program, policy, priority, and prognosis remains targeted precisely as righty radio talker Mark Belling called it the day after Walker and the GOP swept into control in 2010
They can do whatever they want.


Anonymous said...

At this unexcitable moment in this gubernatorial election, a sense of hopelessness fills the warm crisp fall air.

What we needed was a candidate to restore the Democratic Party to it's core root values.

David Clarke nailed it when he said that he didn't leave the party, the party left him.

I see a split in the party coming soon because America isn't buying the current agenda.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Nice try, concern troll. But what's actually not being bought is any type of oligarchical, trickle-down strategy, the type that is the domain of the GOP. The only reason Dems don't dominate is because they're almost as beholden to moneyed interests as GOPs are, without the hate that drives no-info voters to their side, so their lines come out mushy. Which happens when you actually care about results over tal-radio poses.

The Dems' "core root values" are in standing up for the little guy, public schools, and putting reasonable controls on the oligarchs to keep them from railroading the everyday citizen. Failing to stand up for those values and to speak out against the greedheads and arrogant, top-down policies that define GOP authoritarianism is why GOPs are able to slip by, because the average no-info voter/talk show listener thinks the GOPs "stand for something" because they sound convincing on their BS.

David Clarke was NEVER a real Dem. David Clarke is about his own power and needs without a regard of anyone else. That's his "ideology," and the Dems don't need clowns like him. I dare him to run in a real election with more than 40% turnout.

Anonymous said...

I dread the lame duck session of Walker. He will punish WI like no other politician has punished constituents before. He will punish us if he wins too but it will take longer.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

He can't do it in the lame duck. Senate is too close and Ellis and Schultz will both tell the guy who shoved them out of office to pound sand.

Which is why it's important to vote out Walker and every GOP that went along with his failed schemes, because we can stop the bleeding this November. If not, we likely pass the point of no return, and resemble a third-world Confederate state.