Friday, September 19, 2014

No truth in advertising: 'progressive' Walker now 'compassionate' Walker

Wrong-Way Walker's claim to "compassion" for the poor as he cuts back their food stamps and threatens them with unneeded and degrading drug tests was about as honest and heartfelt as the time he called himself a "progressive" when telling Congress why he blew up public employee collective bargaining.


Anonymous said...

Up is down in FitzWalkerstan.

Gareth said...

I think a more productive response from the Burke campaign to the drug tests for benefits scheme would be to advocate strongly for the legalization of medical marijuana, which just happens to have majority support in Wisconsin.

There are already plenty of people in Wisconsin who use marijuana to control pain and muscle spasms. It's illegal, but it's effective. Many of them qualify for food stamps and will run afoul of Walker's little war on drugs. Does the Governor propose depriving sick people of food?

MadCityVoter said...

Gareth, you do remember Rep. Alan Greyson's summary of the Republican health care plan, right? "Don't get sick. But if you do get sick, die quickly." What policy would fit this plan better than depriving sick people of food? Truly, "Gov" Walker is just sparing them a lot of unnecessary pain and misery. The guy is a veritable "Mom" Theresa of compassion -- he ought to be cannonized, and fast! Boom!