Thursday, September 18, 2014

When Christie and Scott Walker campaign together

Yes, it's happening on September 29th, and the Walker-Christie bromance could start off with something like this:
Christie, dusting off his slacks: So we're really meeting in this hole? 
Walker: Yep. No one will spot us here before our news conference. 
Christie:  But the optics suck. I mean, suppose someone actually took a picture of you in a hole like this. And that ladder...
Walker:  Well, it wouldn't be as bad as someone shutting down a bridge for no good reason. 
Christie: Hey, my deputy staff director did that on her own. 
Walker: See no evil... 
Christie: Like you've been saying since that college campaign FUBAR, I didn't know nothing. 
Walker: Deputy directors! I had two that pleaded guilty. Where do these people come from, anyway? 
Christie: Think it's safe to go up now? 
Walker:  I'll go take a look. I wish I'd finished school. I can't remember if there's a piece of the Chisholm trail nearby. 
:Christie: D'oh!
Walker: Don't say that word out loud at the news conference. You know, the optics... 


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Because who better to tell people that Governor A has it "working" when Gov A is 33 rd for jobs with an exploding budget deficit and is under investigation for corruption?

I KNOW! Let's get Gov B (Christie), whose state is 43rd in job growth, has had the state 'a debt downgraded 7 times, and is also under investigation for corruption! See, he makes Walker look successful by comparison!

Anonymous said...