Saturday, September 20, 2014

Walker's non-campaign among a select few

If you follow Scott Walker's campaign twitter feed, you'll see he appears at secure, spontaneity-free scripted photo-op events here - - "Nice tour and visit at Fabco in Eau Claire" - - or with a volunteer or fast-food meal there - - to create the illusion that he is out and about among the people.

Which he is not. 

And won't be. 

Too much risk that someone will ask about a Mr. John Doe, or a certain $700,000 donation ecretly sent to his 2012 campaigns by the Florida mining company intent on tearing apart northwestern Wisconsin. A story that made it all the way to The New York Times.

Or the questioner might be someone cut off from BadgerCare, or food stamps. Or wondering why Walker's compassion allows him to stand in the way of a raise above the poverty-reinforcing wage of $7.25/hr.

Note also that Walker says he's going to skip traditional network TV debates with Mary Burke in favor of two, predictably low-audience affairs before the voter ID bolixed election that Walker encouraged - - and that's it for TV debates.

Here is another example of his phantom, voter-contact avoidance campaign - - a published report about a campus 'appearance' in Green Bay where he got his picture taken, but met virtually no one:

Did you notice in the Sept. 8 article about Gov. Scott Walker visiting the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus that there were no shots of the crowd?
That’s because there wasn’t any crowd. Walker’s visit was planned at the last minute and tightly controlled, with only media and a few students admitted and campus police guarding the entrance.
Walker didn’t speak with any campus officials during his visit, nor did he make his remarks available to the campus community. You’d think that someone who truly cared about education and students would want to be heard by more than a few pre-screened supporters. Don’t be fooled.
Ellen Rosewall, De Pere

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