Monday, September 29, 2014

WI DNR further enabling dog-wolf cruelties

Bad enough that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources arranged for politically-powerful bear hunting groups to take over a key advisory committee on statewide wolf hunting policies.

Worse now that those interests have convinced the DNR that the best way to find out if wolf-dog confrontations are taking place during the wolf hunting season is to ask wolf hunters - - pretty-please - - if DNR staffers may examine wolf pelts for evidence of dog-wolf fighting.
Wisconsin is killing its wolves
A program which this news story says few hunters will participate in voluntarily. 

This willful cave-in to hunting and gun lobbies in Wisconsin comes on top of existing outrages which taint the state's reputation and make its intentionally-cruel and politicized wolf hunt a travesty:

*  The legal use by hunters of wolf-pursuing hounds - - setting up the very confrontations the DNR continues to obfuscate and minimize.

*  State payments up to $2,500 per bear-hunting dog killed by a wolf  - - even if the owner had released the dog off leash during 'training' in areas where wolves are known to den, congregate or occupy when attracted by bait left by bear hunters.


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