Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Credit Appeals Court with WI absentee ballot FUBAR

In their rush to please Scott Walker, a three-judge appeals court panel led by his "favorite" Diane Sykes has put into jeopardy the eligibility of more than 11,000 Wisconsinites who had already cast their absentee ballots under ID rules that the judges changed after the fact.

Also yet to be addressed: the dozens of often-closed DMV offices where people without required ID are supposed to get technical help finding their paperwork and then applying for the ID card, too.

Where is due process for these voters?


Anonymous said...

Republicans see this as the epitome of voter suppression. 11,000 here a few more thousands over there and we've stolen another election. Three for three. Let the Packers and the Brewers beat that record.

A. Wag said...


Anonymous said...

Of what good is voter ID with an absentee ballot? What do they compare the photo to, the ballot or the envelope it was sent in? Besides that it is our right to vote for who we please, without anyone knowing, a secret ballot. That is all out the window with the requirement of having to provide a copy of the ID along with the absentee ballot. Who are the morons that thought of this one? ALEC?