Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Walker ripping Obamacare - - as WI rates fall fast, steeply

Health insurance rates under Obamacare are experiencing reasonable, relatively small price increases in Wisconsin of 2.8% - - so the program Walker fought is working - - and the rate of increase is easier on the pocketbook than it is nationally.

In other words, in Wisconsin, there is affordability in the Affordable Care Act - -  a/k/a Obamacare.

The rate increase in 29 other states is projected at 8.2%.

So good news, Bucky. On, Wisconsin!

But the state didn't release that good news for consumers and taxpayers here until after Wrong-Way Walker got in some phony, anti-Obamacare/anti-Burke partisan campaigning in the last week or two by continuing to claim that Obamacare should be repealed. 

Walker campaigned against the facts - - demagogued, in fact:
*  In an ad.

*  And on Twitter:
 @ScottWalker ·  Mary Burke supports ObamaCare and wants to expand it in WI. I want to repeal it & put patients back in charge of health care.Sep 20
We'll add this to the lengthy posting on this blog cataloguing Walker's voter manipulation.


Anonymous said...

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will make sure citizens know the truth about this matter. Yeah, right. No wonder MJS hasn't been earned a Pulitzer since 2011.

Betsey said...

We ALL look forward to the Good Old Days of managing our own healthcare. It was so easy then, when we didn't have any because we couldn't afford the insurance.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

No kidding, Betsey. On what planet are these people living on where our healthcare system was working and wasn't having 10%+ increases before Obamacare?

Seriously, which person that has actually been working the last 10 years can buy into this BS?