Monday, September 15, 2014

Joel Kleefisch misleads about WI DMV/voter ID services

State GOP Rep. and second-banana/first-husband Joel Kleefisch argues that the new Wisconsin voter ID will be a success because of policy initiatives ready-to-go at state DMV counters statewide:
The DMV is now required to provide ID cards free of charge and we just launched a collaborative initiative between the Departments of Health Services and Transportation, which will give individuals access to certain vital records, free of charge. 
Could someone please let this over-confident elected official know that many, many DMV offices are only one a day or two a week, sometimes even less - - despite the opinion Friday that Wisconsin's statute was OK because it was close to Indiana's already-approved voter ID law.

Wisconsin's DMV offices' skimpy and inconvenient hours are documented here and here.

And here:

  • Twenty-six percent of Wisconsin's 91 DMVs are open one day a month or less, while none of Indiana's are open less than 100 days a year and nearly all are open over 250 days a year.
  • Wisconsin has only one DMV with weekend hours, while Indiana has 124 offices with weekend hours.
  • Three Wisconsin counties have no DMVs, no Indiana county is without a DMV.
  • Over half of Wisconsin's 91 DMVs are open on a part-time basis, while Indiana provides full-time DMVs in every county.

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Boxer said...

I've yet to hear one explanation/description of what will actually be required on Nov 7.