Monday, September 8, 2014

Walker The Failure

This is why we call him Wrong-Way Walker:

*  The Wisconsin economy is stagnant and lags the country's modest post-recession recovery.

*  His 250,000 new-jobs' promise has failed.

*  WEDC, his ideologically-based jobs 'corporation' replacing the Department of Commerce, is in free fall. Again.

*  His budget, as was his bogus-bottom-line pattern when Milwaukee County Executive, is producing a deficit.

*  He's not out of the prosecutorial woods over secret campaigning and fund-raising that began even before he was elected Governor.

*  He has systematically disrespected and manipulated a host of groups and constituencies, including everyday people who simply expect the Governor to tell the plain truth more than 10% of the time.

*  His wounds, from bad policy to bad behavior, are ambition-fed, hubris-driven and self-inflicted.

Ask yourself: Who has spoken up for him lately, other than Chris Christie?

Oh, I forgot.Robin Vos, who explained that the $700,000 GTac mining money routed to Walker behind the scenes and exposed by the US Court of Appeals three weeks ago - - and two years after the money was secretly raised and spent in a gubernatorial election  - - was in no way pay-to-play, so okey-dokey by him.

C'mon, people. 

Walker The Failure. 

We've seen this movie before. We know how it began and how it's playing and how it ends

It's a re-run series, in a loop, our own unhappy, forced binge showing of Walker's  Wisconsin's "Ground Hog Day."


Walker's Fail/Deny/Move Up Plan In High Gear

Scott Walker left behind a mess at Milwaukee County - - budget overruns, a death at the Mental Health Complex, a death at O'Donnell Park's garage and pension problems not solved and political operatives working on his staff illegally on politics just outside his office door using surreptitious equipment- - as he set his sights on the Governor's office beginning with an abortive run in 2006, then winning in 2010.

Now he's repeating that pattern: Despite a failing pledge to create 250,000 new private sector jobs after one term, Walker is testing the 2016 presidential waters with an appearance a stone's throw from early caucus state Iowa, and believes he's in a position to lecture Congress on federal fiscal issues.


Anonymous said...

That crashing sound that you hear is Wisconsin's budget and economy going over the cliff. But the Walker plan is to get re-elected slam on the breaks .....declare the state is broke because of the Doyle administration and cut aid to schools and municipalities, sign right to work laws because the unions are killing jobs and get his legislators to raid the Employee Trust Fund because public employees pensions are too good. This idiot has ruined our present and his plan is to now ruin everyone's future by destroying their retirement!

Boxer said...

From yesterday's JS article about the $1.8 billion budget deficit, in the last 2 paragraphs Vos issues this brilliant defense:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) shot back that Democrats like Shilling "are looking for dark clouds on a sunny day."

"No one can ignore the fact the state is headed in the right direction," Vos said in a statement. "Unemployment is down, more jobs are being created and new businesses are opening their doors."

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And here's more- Walker donor Plexus Corp has cut 300 jobs since getting $4.6 million in WEDC tax credits for "capital investment."

And yes, Walker showed up there right before the recall election for a "jobs expansion" event. Funny how that all works.


Max B. said...

"No one can ignore the fact the state is headed in the right direction," Vos said in a statement. "Unemployment is down, more jobs are being created and new businesses are opening their doors."

This statement of Vos', along with Walker's TV ads, are sounding increasingly desperate. Statements like these just call attention to the realities that no one is seeing--in his own life, or that of family or friends--those new jobs, new businesses opening or believe that "unemployment is down" is any real measure of economic health, other than a way to whitewash the truth coming from the people who promised big, but delivered little.

The GOPs are saying isn't our Emperor so beautifully clothed, as The Emperor struts around in the background, naked a a jay bird.