Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Appeals Court 3-Judge Doe Case Panel Announced

Per the court this morning, the panel is composed of Chief Judge Diane Wood (a Clinton appointee),  Reserve Judge William Bauer, (a Ford appointee), And Frank Easterbrook, (a Reagan appointee.).

Lawyers, weigh in...

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MAL said...

No attorney here, James, but I do know Frank Easterbrook is regarded as a genius, conservative-minded but is principled vis a vis radical, out-of-his-mind hyper-activist Judge Rudolph Randa with a novel theory of First Amendment doctrine.

Judge Wood is a brilliant straight-up jurist who certainly is not in the crazy school.

Know nothing of Judge Bauer.

The thing here is that this is an investigation conducted under a precise state statute. Is this case ripe enough; ripe enough to stop a law enforcement investigation under a theory of the First Amendment and campaign finance that certainly does not guide jurists at this point.

If Scott Walker and others are charged and convicted, then yea, maybe they have an arguable case.

It cannot be lost on the political world that others have pleaded out to felonies for being accused of (unjustly) what Scott Walker has without question committed.