Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Walker Deception, Circa 2004-'05

I was just researching the history of Walker's broken promises and misinformation - - as this has been a day of blogging about Walker's broken promises and misinformation- - and Google served up a Golden Oldie worth saving and sharing:

It's a still-extant post from the quiet-for-now trail-blazing blog The Xoff Files from 2005 which documented a blatant Walker records-and-promises deception from early 2004. 

Vintage Walker: Obstruction. Obfuscation. The slide past honesty. And prosecutors...

Fool us once, then twice...you know how it goes...shame on us all, since we were certainly warned. Read in full:

Walker's deceit and dishonesty speak louder than his promises


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Scotty's been pulling the same. "Slow-Walker" routine on Rep. Mark Pocan's request to look at his travel log in 2014. Took over 2 months for the official Guv travel lost to be handed over, and it took a lawsuit threat to do it. I think Pocan is still waiting on the Walker campaign's travel log, which would be even more interesting.

And don't forget the cover-up on the death at O'Donnell Park, and the orchestrated response by Walker's campaign staff on a county issue.

Anonymous said...

This is an area of great concern in general. Walker has been the master of blowing off public records requests but many of those in office have been using these techniques without any consequences:
1) delay (sometimes months or years)
2) cost (fees to produce copies; sometimes exorbitant)
3) denial that records exist (see Leah Vukmir) or "misunderstanding" of what's being requested (just written communication or email too?)
and even secret routers to move public business outside the public communications system. The public needs standards and enforcement of public records laws or we are blind to how our government is working. Our public workers no longer dare to speak up since they lost their rights under Act 10.