Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fresh Derpitude From Walker On 'Pledges'

An awesome double-negative. Walker declares what he won't do when he's not committed to being there.

Scott Walker says he would not make specific jobs pledge for 2nd term


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I once interviewed a potential employee who started with a list of what they WOULDN'T do if they were hired.

My reaction was that, well, hell; we won't hire you then, and you can go ahead and NOT do all that stuff, without all that pesky paycheck business.

Anonymous said...

Great article in the Progressive about Walker and WEDC. A WEDC higher up is quoted: " We have one customer and our job is to make him look good......Huebsch is the prince. Walker is the king." No wonder WEDC can't create jobs they have to work full time trying to continually put lipstick on the pig to try and make him presentable. Wisconsin needs to wake up.....4 more years of this crap and we'll be even below Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

The political Ad just writes itself. Scott Walker. He promised 250,000 jobs. Now he promises nothing.

Jonathan Swift said...

The May 27th, 2011 episode of "Planet Money" explains that Walker's job promise fairly well. He needed to average 15k jobs a year above what was expected to occur in the natural course of the recovery.
Unfortunately his policies have kept form even reaching what should have been expected.