Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Walker Floats Stupidest Jobs-Promise Fail Excuse

Our pass-the-buck Governor has previously blamed Obamacare, Syrian fighting, Jim Doyle (man, that's so 2010), numbers, Act 10 protests, the 2012 recall election, Congressional fiscal cliff antics and government itself for his failed signature campaign promise to create 250,000 new private-sector jobs in one term, but on Mike Gousha's Sunday TV show last weekend, Walker came up with the most absurd yet:

"the current election cycle." (And, for good measure, the recall election, again. So 2012.)
This is like your basketball team's seasoned point guard promising to score 25 points a game, only netting ten per contest after nearly four years, and blaming his air balls on crowd noise.

Still available as excuses to Walker: Falling Beanie Baby prices. That thing that girl said in the cafeteria last year. Crocs.


Anonymous said...

Same old talking points same old ideas. No matter what question he is asked he turns it around with an answer that is the same talking point that he has used even for a different question. A media person told me that the media lets him off the hook because it's always a stalemate.... he simply won't engage in a conversation as all he provides are canned responses nothing more.

James Rowen said...

I have seen this dynamic before. I think some WI media are too polite for the public good.

James Rowen said...

I have seen this dynamic before. I think some WI media are too polite for the public good.

Bill Kurtz said...

Skippy reminds me of a comment once made about an unsuccessful college football coach by one of his players: "Woody had an excuse for everything. If he sold vacuum cleaners for a living, he'd have a closet full of them."

Anonymous said...

A governor that won't engage.

get rid of him and soon.

Anonymous said...

walker is right -- the election cycle is killing job growth, after all, he's shaking down all potential employers for boatloads of money for his re-election -- money that could be invested in growing business.

Instead, it "grows" walker's presidential ambitions -- he knows he needs to get out of dodge before the crap from his austerity hits-the-fan.

Anonymous said...

Your remarks about Wisconsin reporters being too "polite" is disingenuous and offensive.

Read the tripe they write -- nobody gets better press, actually propaganda, than scott walker.

Look at what their employers publish -- we have a "divide and conquer" governor because the media enabled it.

Why do you want to provide cover for Wisconsin's corporatist media that is dominated by Lee Enterprises, Journal Communications, Gannet, adn Clear Channel -- some of the most rabid right-wing shills in America.

Anonymous said...

enjoy your writing. fyi here's my unofficial list of excuses

Walker Job Excuses (at least 23 different ones so far & counting….)

March 2011 - Union bosses (1)
August 2011 - European debt crisis (2)
August 2011 - Federal economy (3)
Sept 2011 - National economy slowing (3a)
Sept 2011 - Unemployed aren't looking hard enough for jobs (4)
January 2012 – European economy, particularly Greece (5)
March 2012 – Recall (6)
March 2012 - Affordable care act (7)
April 2012 – Protesters (8)
April 2012 - City of Milwaukee job losses (9)
May 2012 – Uncertainty (10)
May 2012 – Bureau of Labor Statistic monthly reports are wrong (I'll use my own) (11)
November 2012 - Fiscal cliff (12)
January 2013 - Recall elections (6a)
March 2013 - the state’s aging population (13)
• what some say is a business culture historically averse to taking risks (14)
• protests, (8a)
• recalls, (6b)
• compounded by the national economy not improving at a good pace, (3b)
• the fiscal cliff talks, (12a)
• now the sequester, (15)
• the other looming issues about concerns over the Affordable Care Act, (7a)
• the (health care) exchanges, who’s in, who’s out (16)
May 2013 – Well it’s better than the last guy did (during the worst recession since the Great Depression & please don’t ask how we’re doing compared to other states) (17)
May 2013 – Gov. Scott Walker administration says 22,600 job loss in April due to cold, rainy weather. Says numbers can't be trusted (AP – Scott Bauer) (18)
August 2013 – Syria (19)
August 2013 - protests in Madison (8a), recall elections (6c) and the Affordable Care Act (7a)
August 2013 – “My goal wasn't so much to hit a magic number…….”, “……it's really not about jobs, it's about real people, real jobs like those here, and more importantly, affecting real families all across the state” (20)
September 2013 – I’ve changed my mind again about using QCEW job numbers, I’m now going with the Philly Federal Reserve projections into the future: "Rankings that come out are typically based on quarterly numbers that come out from [the Bureau of Labor Statistics], which are a six-month lag," he says. "What we're trying to look at is not six months ago ... but where are we going to be in the next six months." (21)
March 2014 - two years of unprecedented amount of protest (8b) and recalls and the recalls again (6d),
May 2014 - “We’re so heavily dependent on manufacturing, that you see a trend in the last 20-plus years where there’s challenges in any sort of recovery for us,” (22)
June 2014 – the election cycle (23)

(March 2013 list from Craig Gilbert Interview http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/news/194549111.html

James Rowen said...

Your check is in the mail!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I saw a couple of figures on May revenues and home sales today. Both are down, and have been down for several months. It's already hitting the fan.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the rain. No jobs because, um, yeah, because it rained.