Monday, June 30, 2014

More On Walker, WEDC- Fund-Raising Connection

From One Wisconsin Now, last week:

Madison -A review of campaign finance records by One Wisconsin Now has found that Gov. Walker's campaign and the Republican Governors Association (RGA) have raked in over $614,000 in donations from individuals associated with businesses receiving tax credits through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). Walker serves as chair of the board entrusted with overseeing the operations of the quasi-private WEDC.
The feds should investigate - - as they did before - - since these state development agencies now under mainstream media scrutiny pass through federal funds. 

Put it another way: How many Walker friends got their historic preservation credits cancelled without warning, as opposed to Walker opponents, or non-donors?

(Disclosure: I am on the OWN C-3 Institute Board.) 


Anonymous said...

Best bet is, knowing how scottie and his criminal cabal works, that the historic preservation grants were cut because they were going to expose pay-to-pay or corrupt campaign donation schemes.

Not that I object -- given this nation won't provide food, clothing, housing, and jobs for its citizens -- it is indefensible to give public moneys to preserve a mythical history and line to pockets of a few well-off individuals or corporate interests.

I say, tear down all the old buildings and a make-believe past if that is what it takes to actually enable today's generation to live in dignity.

We have people living on the streets and starving...

Don't talk to me about investing in keeping a 100 year old building.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I recall a period when allocation of HPC tax credits also correlated pretty well with Tommy Thompson's donor list.

James Rowen said...

Earlier Fed. involvement - -

Anonymous said...

Might this still be under investigation as part of John Doe II?