Thursday, June 19, 2014

Walker/Rove Doe In Two Words

Fish on!

The subpoenaed documents from the John Doe investigation include emails between Walker and top Republican strategist Karl Rove in which Walker extolls the value of R.J. Johnson, one of his advisors who also worked for the Wisconsin Club for Growth who is a target of the investigation of illegal coordination. 
"Bottom-line: R.J. helps keep in place a team that is wildly successful in Wisconsin," Walker wrote to Rove in May 2011.
Least believable statement of the day from least believable Wisconsin politician:
Walker said he hadn't seen the material and couldn't respond directly to the Rove email. 
Hadn't seen it? Couldn't response directly to the Rove email - - the smoking gun that ends months and months of cover-up.

Walker wrote it!


Anonymous said...

Did you see Ed Show, Sen. Lena Taylor began her remarks commenting how surprised she was that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published anything that could be seen as negative about walker.

She is right -- then endorsed him twice -- she knows the score. Her community is dissed and attacked daily by journal communications.

As usual, the right up of this video puts as good a pro-walker spin on it as possible:

During questioning walker says:

"I don't know what are in the documents...."

Then later states:

"What was released today had nothing to do with me or my campaign."

Obviously, he can't have it both way, knowing nothing is in it and not knowing what's in the documents.

This is LOL funny -- but don't expect journal communications to tell the real story.

Anonymous said...

My reaction, exactly. For once, Scotty made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I would really take seriously anything said by Lena "Don't you know who I am" Taylor. Also didn't SW beat her a few time when she ran for MKE CTY Exe? No ax to grind I am sure

Anonymous said...

ooooh oooooh!

little scottie is running crying to faux nooooze tomorrow morning!


and he just placed a $250,000 ad buy to blanket the state with propaganda for 12 days!

journal communications will get their major chunk of this and, just like the lead-in to the recall in 2012, wtmj-am will broadcast pro-walker propaganda 24/7.

And for those of you that don't know -- this is the media conglomerate that owns and controls milwaukee journal sentinel.

So read everything they report carefully -- it is as biased as wtmj-am but in a different way to spread the lies to a different audience.

Everything published/broadcast by journal communication comes from the same cesspool.

And they are going to make boatloads of money off of all of this.

Cash that walker and his minions will gratefully dump into their coffers.

Patrick Doyle said...

There was a time when the worst thing you could say about Walker is that he was incompetent (WEDC).

That time has passed.

It's not that he's gained competence -(can anyone name something that Walker's done that was good for the entire state?)- but with each passing day, we are seeing that he's a shady operator.

People are talking about Walker being a potential candidate for President!

He's already dirtier than Nixon was when Nixon was forced OUT of office!

This November, Wisconsin voters carry a heavy burden:

Anonymous said...

When and where does he deny contacting Rove by email?