Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Walker HAS Created: A One-State Rustbelt

From the Wisconsin AFL-CIO:

When Governor Walker ran for office in 2010, he promised to create 250,000 jobs for Wisconsin workers.  In the beginning, he boasted of this claim, stating it was the “jobs floor, not the ceiling.”  Then, as his policies did more to advance partisan politics and less to create jobs, Walker changed his tune stating that the 250,000 jobs mark was more of a goal than a promise.
Well, Gov. Walker, the people of Wisconsin deserve better than failed promises.  Wisconsin is ready for a Governor who prioritizes creating good jobs in-state.
The latest job numbers are in: 
•    Wisconsin is dead last in the Midwest for job growth.
•    Wisconsin ranked 37th in the nation in job creation last year.
•    Wisconsin created just 28,000 jobs last year, a three year record low.
•    Wisconsin lost 400 private-sector jobs in May alone.


Anonymous said...

But scott walker told milwaukee journal sentinel that after the recall, there would be an explosion of jobs.

And mjs dutifully sprayed this deception across the state.

So is mjs going to point out that, after the divisive recall, things actually got WORSE.

They endorsed walker twice -- tells ya all there is to know.

Boxer said...

And now the MJS isn't going to make endorsements any longer. They could see the typesetting on the wall that endorsing their favored GOP candidates would be a zero-sum game. Gutless bastards!

Anonymous said...

But their record stands for posterity - the only way MJS can get on the right side of this is to expose Walker for who and what he really is.