Monday, June 23, 2014

Friend$ Of $cott $end Humorou$ $olicitation

A note from the master fund-raiser about the evils of fund-raising.

Somehow I got on a Scott Walker fund-raising email list, and today's communication is hilarious.

The email complains that the Democratic Party is seeking donations off Walker's John Doe scandal - - "The state Democrat Party [Sic] sent out FIVE fundraising emails…" so could I please chip in with $35 to Walker?


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

What, aren't the Kochs returning his calls anymore, or more importantly, paying his invoices?

nonquixote said...

And "investigative reporter," Dan Bice had this shocking news of LEGAL and usual and expected political campaign tactic as a false equivalence to illegal campaign coordination between a candidate and supposed non-profit issue education groups.

And the same intrepid "reporter," chimes in to here to attempt to admonish the poor for poverty.

Backing right-wingers to the hilt or initiating a right wing, "controversy, at every opportunity with the megaphone at his disposal. Dan Bice knows who butters his bread.