Monday, June 16, 2014

Stand Up Against Wasteful West Side I-94 Expansion

Stop the Road builders-Government Complex:

Make your Voice Heard to

Press Event in front of WISDOT Public Meeting
Monday, June 16, 4:30pm
Pettit National Ice Center Entrance

An Unnecessary Project With Irreversible Damage To Our Community

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WISDOT) is considering a $1.2 billion widening of Interstate 94 Between N. 16th Street and 70th Street (between Marquette and Zoo Interchanges) that includes a massive and costly double-decker structure that would have devastating impacts on the urban fabric of the city and push Milwaukee’s transportation system in the wrong direction.
This is another costly highway proposal at your expense that divides our neighborhoods, increases air and noise pollution, affects the environment, pollutes our rivers and lakes, diverts critical transportation funds away from the repair of our crumbling roads and bridges and the transit that connects workers to jobs and prosperity, and brings a dark cold double decker Hwy into our community.

This highway construction will increase the number of children and seniors with respiratory illnesses and do nothing to ensure that those that are unable to or can't afford to drive will have access to work, school, shopping, etc. Some residents are concerned that this construction could bring down their property values.

Final Public Meeting Before Plans are Drafted
Meetings on Monday, June 16, and Tuesday, June 17, are the final public meetings before WISDOT drafts their plans.  We need to show them that we want safe, accessible and better options.

Elevate your voice, speak out for our communities!Join us on Monday at 4:30 at the Pettit Ice Center and let us know you’ll be there by sending an email to Bruce Speight at

    Director, WISPIRG

Office: (608) 251-9501
Direct: (608) 268-0510


Anonymous said...

If the proposal eases transportation bottlenecks on I94, it will reduce pollution by not having traffic sitting there idleing in backups. It also increases interstate commerce which leads to job creation. I would think Milwaukee would embrace job creation

John said...

Anonymous- There's going to be a new highway with four lanes each way, there's two choices on the table, one is the double decker that this post and rally opposes, and the other is an "At grade" option that squeezes the highway through the existing footprint for $200 million less taxpayer dollars.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

And additional lanes, as has been demonstrated over and over again, will ease congestion in very short term at best.

What happens is that people respond to additional capacity by driving more.

The only way to decrease traffic congestion in a long term way is to use regional planning and the multiple tools of transit, rail, and traffic engineering to provide a full range of choices to commuters, as well as urban planning to increase densities and organize development around pedestrian friendly, transit oriented development.

You know, like has worked in Portland.

James Rowen said...

"Induced congestion."