Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Walker To Milwaukee, Story Hill: 'You Get More I-94 Lanes.' Period.

It's billion-dollar boondoggle time in Walker's Wisconsin.

Our arrogant Governor tells the West side to shove it, even if the cost is astronomical and if there's no driving data to justify it, because his ego and the government/road-builder complex demands it.


Anonymous said...

journal communications' milwaukee journal sentinel tells the entire city to get screwed daily.

And they endorsed this guy TWICE for governor.

So walker is just doin' what his overlords want him to do -- can't change that.

We could change the media landscape if we held them accountable and did not falsely proclaim that the biggest propaganda network in the state is a legit source for news.

Anonymous said...

Will Wisconsinites learn before November that this man cares not for their wants and needs nor do his sheep legislators that actually go against their own constituents to follow this goof. The old adage: "Follow the money " applies to Wisconsin and it always leads back to Walker. He'll tell you what your gonna get not listen to what you need!