Saturday, June 28, 2014

On Twitter, Walker Serving Up Baloney

Scott Walker's last 18 postings on his Twitter account are sandwiched between items with photos about his serving up eggs and/or "cheesy eggs" at farm campaigning events.

What's cheesy about those 18 posts is that ten of them take shots, by name, at not-on-the-ballot Gov. Jim Doyle.


Unknown said...

Why is he even bringing Doyle up? The mess he's made is his and his alone...Modus Operandi, I suppose

Anonymous said...

Classic misdirection -- he's running on his failed record and against Mary Burke.

While the media will catapult the lie of business creation (journal communications will lead the way), misrepresenting little league teams and cub scouts as major employers, he can't tweet about that very much.

He is failing miserably on his signature job promise -- can't tweet about that much.

If he repeatedly tweets lies about Wisconsin's economy, someone will fact-check him.

Don't expect milwaukee journal sentinel to call him out for pretending to be running against jim doyle. In fact, their partner-in-propaganda wtmj-am will broadcast all around the state 24/7 that he is running against jim doyle.

Why does he make this about jim doyle?

BECAUSE THE MEDIA WILL LET HIM MAKE THIS ABOUT JIM DOYLE and will prop this up to catapult him back into the governor's office by hook or crook.

Remember, it can be objectively demonstrated that the recall was stolen and now even walker admits he cheated in the fund-raising.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they have done focus groups and the results probably show that no body misses Doyle and no body wants him back. They used Doyle to successfully defeat "Doyle Lite" candidate Tom Barrett who was nothing like Doyle. I guess they are banking on it working against Mary Burke. Is Mary Burke like Doyle? All indications are that she might bring back people and policies from the Doyle administration. As a state employee, I cannot bear the thought of that. Please distinguish yourself from Doyle, Mary Burke. Maybe tell us why you left his administration so precipitously. Did he stifle your ideas? Who would you appoint to your cabinet? Doyle alumni or fresh faces?

Anonymous said...

anon -- thanks for admitting -- it was public employees that made the difference in electing walker in 2010.

You would not believe how many teabaggin' teachers are across the state. They fill up MPS, believe-it-or-not.

There are no indications that Mary Burke will bring back people and policies from the Doyle administration -- so you are again demonstrating yourself (and presumably other public employees) was willfully uninformed.

You are parroting WTMJ-AM propaganda.

It will only play into walker's anti-doyle schtick if Mary Burke makes a big deal out of any of this.

The question isn't whether-or-not Burke should distance herself. The question is why do you mindlessly accept walker's blather?

Your post demonstrates exactly why running on union rights for public employees is a dead-end and lossing proposition.

You got what you voted for -- a divide and conquer governor and even today, you are repeating false talking points.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Why would Burke distance herself from Doyle? The state added more jobs in Doyle's last year that in any of Walker's 3 years, and Doyle's Admin looks like a paragon of virtue after the cronyism and big-money crookedness that Walker is at the center of.

I never thought I'd say this, but I almost miss Doyle after the last 3 1/2 years. And I bet a lot of other non-bubble Wisconsinites do as well.

Anonymous said...

You misunderstood Anon 3:59. I don't know any public employees who supported Walker. And Jake, working in the Doyle administration was a nightmare. I am supporting Burke because Walker was a complete failure as a County Exec and is a complete failure as a governor. His political views are extremely radical. I am hopeful that Mary Burke will be better than Doyle (he did protect people from Oligarchs) mainly because she seems to actually listen to people. I have seen evidence of this first hand. Most campaigns are run on focus groups now. I have participated in one myself. If the conclusion of the focus group is that tying Burke to Doyle makes people support another candidate, they will use it. Love, Anon 2:31

Anonymous said...

Least we all forget, Barrett, who I thought was a great candidate, had to be convinced to run and wasn't really able to run as hard as was necessary to win. Mary Burke should distinguish herself from Doyle to take away the argument that she is Doyle lite. She should let us know how her policies will differ from Doyle's. I think she is doing that by going around the state and listening to people.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

This is sort of my point. I wanted Doyle gone by 2010 because of his lame steps and generally sheltered approach, but Walker makes Doyle look clean and open by comparison.

And I do think Burke will be better as Guv than both of them, for reasons noted in these comments. She seems to be willing to adjust to reality rather than insulate herself off

Anonymous said...

The more I hear about walker's tweets, the more I'd rather Anthony Weiner was back in the limelight tweetin' his wee-little-winkie.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:48 PM

HUGE numbers of union folks supported walker in 2010 including public sector, though the recall can be objectively demonstrated as stolen.

Focus groups have their limitations and once someone has been in one focus group, market research consultants no longer want them in new focus groups. This is because there is a tendency for former-participants to assume they are now "experts" and know-it-alls.

It cannot be that properly-conducted focus groups today show that hammering jim doyle 4-years after he's left office is a winning strategy.

But focus groups also must be showing that the economy is now a liability for walker, his signature new jobs promise is a no-win issue, the new business schtick has been revealed to be a bold-faced lie, and it is now impossible for a self-admitted "divide and conquer" guy to pretend to be uniter that will work in a bipartisan manner.

Focus groups have to be showing that walker is incapable of speaking spontaneously -- he is a remarkably inarticulate politician and he is on record stating that more divisive stuff is coming after 2014 (of course, making these statements out-of-state).

In other words, focus groups have shown that recycling the jim doyle garbage is all he has left right now - the questions about ethics and criminality is undermining his support.

Focus groups and common sense say he can't run on pleading he isn't a crook 24/7.

But remember -- the recall can be mathematically demonstrated as stolen. walker does not need winning talking points.

He just has to be in media headlines making statements that milwaukee journal sentinel, the rest of journal communications, lee enterprises, gannet, and clear channel can catapult as reasons a sham "highly-energized base" turned out in impossible numbers to send him back to the governor's office.