Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good News For WI's Options-Deprived Wolf, Bear, Coyote….

Beaver, Fox, Mink, Muskrat, et al hunters: More bobcat hunting OK'ed.

Though the bear and wolf hunters will not like the precedent set through the DNR's shocking embrace of egghead "research" cited in the agency's bobcat hunting expansion.

Wisconsin will offer a southern zone bobcat hunting and trapping season beginning in fall 2014. State wildlife officials say the creation of a southern management zone will make new opportunities available for people to hunt and trap bobcats. 
The southern management zone, which includes all of Wisconsin south of Highway 64, is the result of recent research regarding bobcat population density and habitat use in central Wisconsin conducted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 


Anonymous said...

Great news, when the iron mine company fills wetlands and waterways with sulfuric overburden, they can all get a healthy bath in SULFURIC ACID!

Anonymous said...

Does this administration and DNR do anything to advance the environment or are they simply on a search and destroy mission. Maybe for every animal killed that counts as a new job!

Boxer said...

This is some "science" I'm going to deny. There are probably a few hundred bobcat in the state, if that. Hardly a population that needs thinning. This seems like an expansion of DNR Barbie's "Shoot More Shit" Program.

Anonymous said...

No Reason. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Not good. More predators being hunted. This is bad.