Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Interpreting Scott Walker

Run "flat-out wrong" through the WalkerTranslator3000 and it comes out as 'Sorry, yes I did.'

The machine's data base includes citations from Google including 250,000 new jobs, Act 10-modest proposal, John Doe and same-sex marriage.

And my personal favorite, from Walker's Pants on Fire PolitiFact file:

Gov. Scott Walker says $247,000-per-job CAPCO program was approved by former Gov. Jim Doyle

In the wake of a story about poor jobs results of a state-sponsored program, Walker sought to pin the blame on his predecessor, Jim Doyle. 

But he was off by five years, two governors -- Thompson and successor Scott McCallum -- and one political party. 

As governor, Doyle didn’t have anything to do with approving the CAPCO bill. But as an Assembly member, Scott Walker did. Pants on Fire.


Anonymous said...

This man has lied so much he is no longer capable of speaking truthfully. He makes up his facts as he goes along and sadly the press core simply gives him a pass because they don't want to either work hard enough to bring out the truth or they simply don't know how to make him face the truth. The blogs bring forth the facts but I'm not sure the general public is aware that most of what comes out of the governors mouth is untruth.

Max B. said...

I don't care what makes him tick--I just want to know where his "Eject" button is.