Sunday, June 22, 2014

NY Times Tough On Walker; WI Papers Should Be Tougher

[Updated, Sunday, 10:50 p.m.]  The Times editorial board Saturday tells it like it is, but Wisconsin newspapers, especially those which supported Walker for election or re-election, should be tougher:

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy promised in 2010 that there was nothing to fear from independent spending groups that raised unlimited dollars. Because they could not coordinate with political candidates, he wrote in the Citizens United decision, they “do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption." 
In the years since that disastrous opinion, politicians around the country have set out to prove Justice Kennedy wrong by stealthily working with the “independent” groups that raise money on their behalf. The latest to get caught doing so is Gov. Scott Walker, Republican of Wisconsin.  
According to state prosecutors, he was at the helm of a broad and illegal fund-raising effort that involved coordinating with outside spending groups and even controlling them... 
If the rules against coordination are lifted, wealthy donors will achieve their dream of donating unlimited millions directly to candidates.
The Walker case shows how important it is for government at all levels — Congress, federal agencies and state officials — to put severe curbs on the ability of outside groups to meddle in politics with unlimited dollars. 
I am glad to see that PolitiFact quickly rated as "False" Walker's end-of-week claim that the Doe investigation was over, since the case is on appeal.

If the Governor is going to dissemble, reporters and fact-checkers need to sort out the facts.

And editorial boards  - - and props to theJournal Sentinel for this editorial directly responding to Walker's false Doe case claims - - need to tell readers that willful distortions have no place in Wisconsin's governance.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Wisconsin papers and media companies need Walker's ad money and access. NYT does not.

It's why Twin Cities media I s tougher and honest about Walker as well

Ralph said...

The fact that that the New York Times is bought and paid for by the Democratic Party wouldn't have anything to do with it either??????