Sunday, June 22, 2014

WTMJ-TV Gives Walker Air Time Tonight, None To Burke

WMTJ-TV had a 10 o'clock piece on the gubernatorial campaign tonight with Walker appearing twice to defend himself against Doe case allegations and to deny that he would run personal, attack ads against opponent Mary Burke - - but Burke was not interviewed.

State Rep. Mandala Barnes, (D-Milwaukee), was interviewed and took a shot at Walker having a defense fund, but the entire piece was weighted in Walker's favor.

Was Barnes a Burke surrogate? He wasn't identified that way.

The piece was not even close to balanced - - and if Burke was not available there surely was file footage that could have been added to even out the story.

Pretty blatant, adding to the perception that Journal Broadcast Group - - created of Right Wisconsin and  daily right-wing talk shows - - is WGOP.


Anonymous said...

and this is a surprise coming from WGOP-TV? whose parent company, the Urinal, endorsed the criminal-scheming eagle scout solely because he was the best candidate to improve WI's economy & follow thru on his promise to create 250,000 jobs yet now bends over backwards to say (as often as possible) that, "never mind-- a governor can't really create private sector jobs anyway". The only surprise is that they don't print on toilet paper- then, at least, they would be useful!

Anonymous said...

WTMJ is not the only news outlet doing things like that. The Journal Times ran a comment by Walker in the Sunday, June 22 Opinion Section titled "I Won't Back Down." The piece began with the statement, "Wisconsin Gov. Walker released the following column on Friday in response to media coverage of the John Doe investigations." It seemed to me that introductory statement was the Journal Times attempt at making it appear as though they were making the comment. Then they put quote marks around the rest of the comment indicating that the rest of the "Comment" was a straight quote from Walker. Any time anyone else writes a comment for the newspaper, their name goes on the comment as the author. Not this time though.

Anonymous said...

WTMJ is doing their part to help the (Scott Walker/big money/corruption) cause. They have no integrity, and no shame.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

WTMJ still wants their ad money, and still wants their seat on the MMAC Board of Directors. Time to expose that gravy train and the inherent conflict of interest that it has caused them.

Anonymous said...

Who has the most money to spend on an advertising a campaign?

Gezzz guys, the math isn't that hard.