Thursday, June 19, 2014

Milwaukee TV 'News' And The Walker Scandal - - Meh

None of the city's four TV stations had the Walker story as its lede at !0 p.m. tonight. Weather, crime, etc., and then the story.


Anonymous said...

This story did not lead local news because it's "old news" that right wing dark money is violating campaign finance laws to corrupt Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans.

Anonymous said...

And wouldn't ya know -- the one that sets the news frame for the day, wtmj, is a journal communications asset.

Couldn't have wtmj-am catapulting pro-walker propaganda 24/7 if the tv station told the truth.

No part of journal communications disinformation machine is a legit source of information.

Its all propaganda that works on different levels for different audiences, united to promote the great lie.

In many ways, since wtmj and milwaukee journal sentinel hide behind the lie of objective journalism (and many progressive-types falsely promote mjs), they undermine our democracy the most.